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The same question often comes up when an artist is asked about his work : what musical style would you consider being yours ? Unfortunately I have no answer to this question… For me, musical style is in noway an identity, a border or an impassable wall, but a palette of colors on which I constantly move. Every moment of our life is unique, imbued with feelings, emotional states, sensations that may be fundementally opposed.  Each of these moments can be assimilated to a style of music with a particular instrumentation, and each of the musicians create their own assimilations according to their sensibility and their perception. A life, a story, an image are a patchwork of these sensations, so for me, musical creation when it aims at illustration or narration, cannot free itself from the borrowing of different styles in order to best reproduce the initial perception.
Music must be a journey, a moment apart , an invitation to dream and fantasy, but music is also here to accompany our sufferings, our fears and in any case allow the opening to the impossible...

                                                                                                                                                           Thank You — OLLEN

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth

Close Your Eyes
Every Day
Infinty § Silence
Ollen Sentinel




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